BBNaija Season 7: Bella Declares War

Following the victory of Level 1 house over Level 2 house in the ongoing BBNaija Season 7 show, housemate Bella has declared war on the Level 2 housemates. According to her, even though they have friends in the level 2 house they should not be seen as friends anymore.

BBNaija Season 7: Bella Says House 2 Members Should be Seen as Enemies

She said they can talk outside the house but for the sake of the game they should see them as enemies and no one in the Level 1 house should be friends with the level 2 housemates.

This will surely affect the relationship of Level 2 housemate Ceph with level 1 housemate Doyin. Their friend wager task ended in their favor for the first since the start of this year’s BBNaija season 7 show.

Bbnaija Season 7: Bella Declares War

Bryann of Level 3 house had earlier asked the level 2 housemates to come out with their best and ensure win the wager so that they can send the level 1 housemate on hunger strike.

The tables have turned and it did not go in the favor of the level 2 house. Bella speaking after they won the task said even though they won they should know that they should not be seen as friends but as enemies now since they are all in the game.

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