BBNaija Season 6: Those Who Should Not Go For Audition

BBNaija Season 6 will be gracing our television screens in 2021, and a lot of people are definitely warming up to go for an audition, but some people should not put in for it.

In a book recently written by one of the former BBNaija housemates, Trikytee, titled “How to Hack Big Brother”, it was discovered some sets of persons should not bother putting in for the BBNaija Season 6 or any other editions.

Here is a list of the type of people who should not waste their time to audition for BBNaija Season 6

  1. In How to Hack Big Brother, Trikytee mentioned how people got for auditions they do not have any business showing up for, and that may be the case of some people who so desire to feature in BBNaija reality show.
How To Hack Big Brother
How to Hack Big Brother

 According to him, you are to ask yourself, if you are what they are looking for. That is, do you have the qualities the Judges are looking for during the audition?

BBNaija Season 6: Those Who Should Not Go For Audition

 “A typical example would be me going to audition for Mr World or Mr Nigeria competition; Hello! I am 5′ “8 or “9, I obviously do not qualify for that competition, no matter how good looking I am or how much muscles I build, or how good I walk on the runway, my physical attributes simply do not match the expectations, period, and end of discussion!”

 So for BBNaija season 6, if you are no up to 18 years, you do not have any business attempting to audition.

 2. There is no way you can get into the BBNaija house without going for an audition, so here is the deal you will be nervous.

 It is not bad to be nervous, but if you do not know how to control yourself so that you are not seen as a jellyfish, you may not make it past the first stage of the audition.

 Therefore, if you do not have self-confidence, you want to rethink your plans of entering Big Brother’s house.

 Trikytee shared his experience in his newly released book “How to Hack Big Brother.”

 He said, “I was unsure and scared; I panicked. Without my usual confidence, when I was asked a question, I did not answer feeling in tune with my confident self and you already know what happened people, I was dropped!”

 You might fall into the category of those who should not go for an audition when it is time to select those who intend to be in the BBNaija season 6 house.

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 3. One last set of people who should not think of going for BBNaija season 6 audition are those who have been on the show before.

 Yes, some of the ex-BBNaija housemates who did not have the opportunity to showcase themselves before they were evicted might wish they were given another chance.

 But alas, that is not possible. As long as you are a former housemate, you cannot go for the show again, except it is a reunion show for their season, or perhaps it is a special edition for the former housemates. We are still hoping that happens.

 This might be a piece of good news somehow because that means if you have gone for previous auditions you can try as many more times as you want, but the former housemates do not have that luxury.

 So do you intent to audition for BBNaija season 6 in 2021? We wish you good luck.

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