BBNaija Season 6: How to Handle Judges During Audition

BBNaija season 6 is around the corner and you might want to know how to handle the judges during an audition. This is very important because you will have to audition for the reality TV show before your journey to fame begins.

Judges could be the persons you don’t want to talk to during an audition because they could be a handful. However, that is the only gate you need to go through before your name makes it to the final list.

In BBNaija Lockdown ex-housemate, Trikytee’s recently published book “How to Hack Big Brother“, he listed the best ways to handle the Judges if you make it to the audition stage for the BBNaija show.

How To Hack Big Brother
How to Hack Big Brother

Trikytee auditioned for the show twice, so you can be sure that he is speaking from experience. Here are the things you need to take note of as you plan for BBNaija season 6.

  1. Have Confidence: The moment you walk into the audition room, the Judges will begin to pyhco-analyze you. They want to read your mind, test you, ask you questions, confuse you, pretend to bully you, make you cry, insult you all at the same time.

With all of these and many more they might have in stock for you, how do you cope? Your confidence will have to bail you out of their hands and open the gate of the BBNaija season 6 for you.

2. Dress Well and Look Good: This is probably one of the first things the Judges would notice about you. You do not necessarily need to put on expensive clothing, but be neat, and look good.

Note that when you dress, the first thing that is noticed about your dressing is your shoe, so you might want to think twice before putting on that shoe.

3. Don’t Give One-Word Answer: Most people get it all wrong by giving the Judges one-word answers. They do this because they do not want to say wrong things, to avoid being bullied, or just trying to be smart; thinking the Judges would move to the next question.

Doing that does not show that you are creative, and it will not allow you to show what you have in you at that very crucial moment.

Remember that the Organisers of the show know what they are looking for. They have instructed the Judges to get for them, some certain kind of people.

So, if you are that type of person and you bottle your content up, how will you get what you want. Be creative enough to answer questions in a way that will make them see through you.

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4. Look into the Judges’ Eyes: As earlier stated, the judges will want to destabilise you, especially if you go for the BBNaija season 6 audition where several thousands of people like you will come to test their luck.

Since they want to cut down the number of people they would put in for the show, they will use a lot of ploys like scaring you, try to bully you, and break your confidence.

Now, this is how to handle them, try to look into their eyes. When you do that, you are sending a strong signal and it will make them form a positive opinion about you.

Note, that does not mean you should be rude or arrogant, it was meant to be a way to show your confidence and not the other way round.

5. Think Positive: Go through the door thinking positive, trust me the Judges can see it. Don’t go seeing yourself sent out of the audition room.

Negativity will smell in your speech if you go with that on your mind. The Judges are trained to discover or at least guess your state of mind when you go before them. So think about that.

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