BBNaija 2019 Reunion: Housemates Return With More Pepper

BBNaija 2019 Reunion Show

The BBNaija 2019 reunion has started and the Pepper Dem gang housemates have all undoubtedly return with more pepper even on the first day of the show.

The much awaited BBNaija 2019 reunion finally came up today and the fireworks can not be ignored. Thought the show started on a flashback note, the energy and voltage coming out from the clips can electrocute without much contact.

You know what to expect when the usual host of the BBNaija show Ebuka-Obi Uchendu shows on the screen. He started the show by going memory lane, that is from when the housemates came on the BBNaija stage for the first time till when they got into the Big Brother’s house.

It was nice to see the upcoming faces of the now celebrity housemates. Remembering how they bragged of going into the house to show the hottness of their pepper to how they were evicted one after the other was so much fun.

The 2019 Bbnaija Housemates
The 2019 BBNaija Housemates

The good, the bad and the ugly moments of the 2019 BBNaija show were given another shot on the reunion show and no one could have forgotten those moments in a hurry.

However, the BBNaija 2019 reunion show started with questions about what the housemates expect on the show since most of them left the BBNaija show without settling the issues they had against themselves.

The responses to this questions were not surprising but they served as an appetiser to what the viewers of the BBNaija 2019 reunion show should wait for. Some of them said they are expecting fire, brimstones, rancors, spilling the beans, fireworks and a hot and electrifying show.

Remember the BBNaija 2019 reunion show would be aired from Monday June 1 to Friday June 5, so you cannot afford to miss the vibes.

Ebuka did not end with that question, but he also went ahead to ask who they can’t wait to face and settle scores with or to ask some questions they have been dying to ask since they all left the BBNaija house.

Now the answers to this particular question are more interesting than those of the previous one.  

For Ike, he said he can’t wait to see Joe face-to-face to ask him some questions. Eluzonam said his own focus is Daine. For Seyi he has been dying to ask Omashola how he came about the formula he used in exploring the veto power he got on the show.

Cindy is waiting to ask Khafi and Gedoni some very important questions she can not just let go for the fun of it. Esther on her part is ready for a show down for anyone that comes for her and that seriously sounds like a no go area for anyone that cares for a free advice.

Frodd has also set a trap for whosoever that thinks he or she has come for his head during the reunion show. For those who think Kim Oprah has forgotten that Isilomo called her fake might just be joking, because she has not forgotten and that is the one thing she is waiting to confront her with.

The viewers who were already getting soaked in the tension building up on the show got a sip of some comic relieves when the housemates were asked to say what they feel about their co- housemates with their faces without saying a word.

Now that definitely sound interesting, but the different expressions from the housemates said more than words could have. That was a sure smart way to know exactly how they truly feel about themselves. Remember pictures they say do not lie. 

Though the housemates have not really unleashed the dragons in their individual pockets on the first day of the BBNaija 2019 reunion show, they were seen gorgeously dressed but with their face masks.

You will remember that with the coronavirus pandemic is ravaging Nigeria among other countries of the world, and the wearing of face mask has been made mandatory as a precautionary measure against contracting and spreading the deadly virus.

The 2019 Bbnaija Housemates Joined Online
The 2019 BBNaija Housemates Joined Online

Social distancing rule was also strictly adhered to, so the space between them was not because of enmity or rancors, it was coronavirus’ fault.

Some of the housemates were also not able to make it to the show physically but the joined virtually. Ebuka however hinted that some of those who could not be on the show today, will still be showing up on the show physically soon.

While we wait for the show to start with full force tomorrow as we bring more gists, like and follow @Everyeveryng on all social media platforms and you will not miss a second of the BBNaija 2019 Reunion show.

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