Ebuka’s Judging Matters: Instagram Post Cases Trouble

Instagram Post

On Ebuka’s Judging Matters today, a defamatory Instagram post caused a serious problems for a Lagos resident who was dragged to court to explain the reasons for her action and convince the court why she should not be made to face the full weight of the law.

The Plaintiff Janet Osemudiamen, a skin care seller sued one of her clients, Roselyn Lawrence for posting a defamatory post about her skin care product on Instagram.

The Plaintiff, Janet Osemudiamen
The Plaintiff, Janet Osemudiamen

According to Janet, Roselyn consulted her to purchase a skin product that could clear off the spots she has on her skin and she sold her a product that would give her, her desire.

Janet was however shocked and embarrassed to say the least when she discovered that the defendant posted a comment on her company’s Instagram page alleging that her skin product is fake, bad and that she wants a refund.

The Plaintiff stressed that when she contacted her to take down the post, she explained that she thought the skin care product was going to tone her skin a bit but did not, though it cleared her spots.

Since the defendant refused to take down the post, Janet decided to involve Ebuka and Justice Olusola Williams on Judging Matters in the case, because she is requesting N100,000 for damages.

However in her defence, Roselyn stated that it was true that she consulted Janet only for a skin product that could clear off her spots, but she thought it was going to make her skin lighter but it did not.

The Defendant, Roselyn Lawrence
The Defendant, Roselyn Lawrence

She did not deny posting the defamatory post on Janet’s company Instagram page but does not see any reason to pay a whole N100,000 as damages for a mere comment on Instagram.

Justice Olusola who is known on Ebuka’s Judging Matters for not taking nonsense or being bias tried her best to measure the extent of Janet’s loses, reduced her claim to #75,000 and ordered Roselyn to take down her defamatory post on Instagram immediately.

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