BBNaija Lockdown: Shocking Story of How Kaisha Ran Away From House at 13

BBNaija Lockdown and Kaisha

Kaisha today opened up on a story about her life events while growing up and how she ran away from Nigeria with a stranger and got her parents dead worried.

Biggie asked the BBNaija lockdown housemates to go on with the sessions where they get to know themselves more, by telling the stories of the places they have traveled to in the past.

Kaisha was the person who opened the stage and explained how she ran out of Nigeria with a girl named Ruth for days.

It is weird to know that Kaisha at age thirteen ran away from Nigeria to Togo with a girl she hardly knew and spent five days in a strange land with a strange young girl.

According to her, she did not tell any of her family members before running out of the country and her parents were thrown into confession and worry after her disappearance was noticed. They were said to have reported the case of a missing person to the Nigerian police.

While this report was made, her parents did not know that their daughter was in Togo, living in the house of a strange young girl.

Kaisha added that when she got to Ruth’s house in Togo she discovered that she has a large polygamous family and staying with them was not convenient.

She moved from Ruth’s house and lodged in a hotel for four more days after which she returned to Nigeria to meet with her family when she has exhausted the money in her account.

Her parents were not aware of her journey, but an older lady who got wind of it informed her parents and the rest is now history.

But let us ask Kaisha, what she was thinking when she ran away with a stranger at thirteen and how she was able to withdraw the money in her account as a thirteen-year-old girl as far as the time the incident happened.

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