BBNAIJA: A Vote for Omasola is a Vote for the Street

The PepperDem Season

Gradually, we are coming to the end of the fourth season of the Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show and it has never been hotter. With the delays that came with this season, no one expected the drama that the housemates served in the past few weeks. The theme for this season is PepperDem and viewers across the globe can attest that the crop of housemates who are headed to the finals are living up to the theme.

In its fourth season, Big Brother Naija is the biggest platform right now in Nigeria for the showcase of businesses and skills. It is one platform that makes ordinary people into instant celebrities. So every year, thousands of Nigerian youths attend auditions with the hopes of making it in.

Biggie’s Choice of Housemates

For this year, however, Big Brother’s focus was on Nigerians in the Diaspora. Seventy percent of the selected housemates do not reside in Nigeria. For the bulk of them, their only tie to Nigeria is their heritage. They are either born into half-caste homes or born to Nigerian parents who do not reside in Nigeria.

We had the model, and club owner, Omasola, the Instagram sensation Tacha, the athlete and CEO of a cigar brand, Mike, and the video vixen, Mercy. The show also gave us an opportunity to be part of the lives of London-based police officer, Khafi, Awolowo’s grandson, Seyi and an investment adviser, Frodd, amongst others. The mix of housemates is a brilliant one, but most of us did not see that in the first few weeks.

The Journey So Far

In the first few weeks, the housemates focused on building relationships instead of playing the game. It was a slow grind until two weeks ago. Because the housemates had plans for collaborations outside the house, they didn’t see the need to fight themselves. It was only in the last few weeks that the realization of their true purpose in the house hit them. And we have never seen more competition. Fear, anger, envy, impatience, and boredom has forced their true natures to the surface.

For entertainment, we have seen some interesting nominations and evictions. Celebrities in their different fields, no housemates will allow themselves to be looked down on by another. As a matter of fact, it has been a fair fight out there. Recently, we have had to witness the outburst between Mercy and Tacha – the long-awaited outburst that saw Tacha disqualified and left Mercy with two strikes.

We have also seen love relationships built and dissolved, love interests and shots that were never reciprocated and fights over limited resources in the house. Yesterday’s eviction, however, was a sandstorm. The evictions left a lot of people tearing, as it saw the love interests of the besties, Mercy, and Diane leave the house. Ike and Elozonam were evicted.

The Final Five

From the multitude of 26, we are now left with 5 housemates. The show which kicked off on June 30th with 21 housemates, saw the inclusion of 5 more housemates mid-season and now, 19 evictions and 1 disqualification. The five BBNAIJA 2019 finalists are Omasola, Mike, Mercy, Frodd and Seyi who are all competing for the grand prize of N30M plus other prizes.

Are they the best? Are they everyone’s favorite? I don’t think so. There have been great politics and a giant pool of hatred, envy, and jealousy to drink from, but these ones scaled through.

Now, we take a look at their journey in the house and predict who we think will win. For this article, the focus is on Omasola. This is not a critique of his personal life or who he was before he came into the house. This is based on the personality and attributes he has portrayed while in the house and how it will affect his chances.

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Who is Omasola?

A lot of viewers have pointed out that Omasola is keying into the card Efe played two seasons ago. They say he should have picked a different script because ‘this one’ is already stale. But be that as it may, I think it is more about truths and consistency that it is about scripts. Moreso, Big Brother Reality TV Show is a game, and anyone without a script should not be there in the first place.

Nigerians are very sentimental people and anyone who can play to their sentiments will always get their undying support. Omasola has been able to show Nigerians that he is a hard-worker who is in need of all the support he can get. He has the drive and speaks the language Nigerians understand – street. I have no doubts that his truths will take him to the grand prize. In one short sentence, Omasola is “one of us”.

Born on the 8th of March, 1981 to Nigerian parents from Delta state, Omasola grew up in Lagos. He studied Business Administration at the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic. He is also a model, an entrepreneur, and he manages one of the biggest clubs in South Africa.

Before moving to South Africa, people say he managed clubs in Lagos. That all he knows about business, he learned from his parents, but not so much is said about them.

Will Omasola Win the Grand Prize?

Omasola Kola Oburoh has what it takes to clinch the win. From his stay in the house, viewers have come to describe him as a very open and sincere person. He is forthright and possesses a good sense of humor. The Warri boy has shown that he can be very tolerant and humble.

Omasola has been provoked, insulted and riddled in the house. But on every occasion, he came out without incurring a strike. Where he is known to be a loud talker, he has also shown that he is a deep-thinker. If it is not Omasola’s fight, you will not find him there.

Omasola is a good sportsman. He strives to win, but when the odds are not in his favor, he deals well with loss. Also, on several occasions, he has played the role of peacemaker. Once, he spent the whole day ensuring that everyone stayed happy. He engaged them in games and food. It was all smiles that day.

Most persons attribute his maturity to his age. He is thirty-nine years old, and therefore the eldest in the house. He has comported himself so well for someone who is stereotyped to be a street boy. When he wants to, he speaks the English Language fluently and communicates his opinions without harassing anybody.

Omasola is not afraid to take risks. He is someone who stays true to himself and someone who is a bit of everything. He is somebody Nigerians will describe as person wey him head dey house. Omasola knows what the struggle of the everyday Nigerian is because everything he owns he worked for. He is an epitome of hustle.

My Bet is on Omasola

There are other housemates that have won the hearts of Nigerians. From Mike to Mercy, and to Frodd. But whoever the competition, the person whose light shines brightest will always be obvious.

Omasola is the man I’m putting my bet on. He may not be the fave of some persons, but I think he stands a really good chance of winning. He has the spirit of a mogul and clinching the victory will mean investment in the entertainment and hospitality industries. It would also mean that Nigerians are finally ready to reward diligence, skill and good character.

In one of his sessions, Omasola mentioned that his plan is to win, invest and triple his earning in a year. Because of his consistency and diligence, there is no doubt that he will keep his words. His thriving careers in modeling and hospitality will get the push they need, and that will be good for the Big Brother Naija TV Show.

Even though housemates have come up during their diary sessions to state that they are operating without strategies, we have seen people like Omasola come up with the strongest and stick to it.

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