BBNaija 2021: Whitemoney Shares Crazy Experiences With Women

Despite the differences they have had so far, Maria and Whitemoney share a special bond that goes beyond Maria’s ‘wildcard’ pretence. In conversation with her, Whitemoney shares crazy experiences he has had with women in his life.

Recall that two days ago, Whitemoney mentioned that physical beauty doesn’t faze him instead he is in search of an industrious woman that can multiply his wealth and build with him. While talking to Maria about love and relationships today, the businessman said that he is not one to have very long relationships, unlike Maria.

Whitemoney Shares Crazy Experiences With Women

He also added that he always gets doubted whenever he says that he doesn’t have a lover because he has been tagged a player. Going further into that, Whitemoney said that he has had instances where women fought over him, even going as far as using black magic to try and win his love.

All these are the reason he needs to get with a woman that is not only industrious but spiritual enough to fight the unseen battles

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