BBNaija 2021: Maria and Whitemoney Lock Horns

Coming into the Big Brother Naija house with 21 other people has its perks as well as downsides and from the interactions that have been going on, it seems Maria and Whitemoney may not be seeing eye to eye on many things.

This sudden change of behaviour comes as a surprise to many seeing that they were getting along well in the first 24 hours even to the point of being tagged the ‘WhiteMaria‘ ship

Bbnaija 2021: Maria And Whitemoney Lock Horns 1

In just one day, the two BBNaija 2021 contestants have had two arguments that were left unresolved. the first was at the dining area when some of the housemates were having a conversation about moral upbringing. Seated at the table were Whitemoney, Jay Paul, Niyi, Saga, Maria and Liquorose among others.

Whitemoney headed the conversation stating that his brother sent his kids to an expensive school attended by children of the elite because he wanted them to have a good moral standing in addition to what they got from the home.

Maria and Whitemoney Lock Horns

While some housemates saw the reason for his brother’s action it was obvious that Maria had no tolerance for that kind of talk as she vehemently disagreed with that line of thought. This led to both housemates raising their voices and although they didn’t outrightly fight, it was obvious that the two have some sort of tension between them already.

The second instance was a few hours later when the housemates sat together to discuss their different cultures and how to go about the task Biggie gave them. While some housemates got up from the discussion table, White joined them to go get some from the kitchen and Maria, unhappy about that, resorted to throwing shades.

She openly said, “we are discussing important topics for our task and some people are going to get food that’s disrespectful but we’ll wait for them to get back, that’s respect”

Bbnaija 2021: Maria And Whitemoney Lock Horns 2

From the happenings so far, it may seem as though there is a looming clash between Maria and Whitemoney. Can it be averted?

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