BBNaija 2021: Toilet Politics Distress Housemates

Regardless of how many pros there are to cohabiting with a large number of people, there will always be cons and this time toilet politics distress housemates especially Nini and Angel.

Boma, Pere, Nini, Angel and other housemates were gathered in the room talking about a range of things and the topic of misusing the toilet came up. The girls were very concerned about how unsanitary the guys were making the restroom.

Toilet Politics Distress Housemates

The complaint was that the guys had a habit of leaving droplets of urine on the toilet seat that they share with the ladies and it was unhealthy for them.

As expected every guy denied doing it and as a solution, the girls in the conversation suggested that they divide the toilets between the two genders and continue sharing the bathroom but some guys disagreed leading to a minor argument.

To resolve the issue, Boma has decided to take a poll in the house, whatever the majority of the BBNaija housemates decide will fly.

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