BBNaija 2021: Peace Educates Housemates on Saggy Boobs

First BBNaija 2021 head of house, Peace, has taken time to educate her fellow housemates and the general public on the causes of ‘saggy boobs’.

In a conversation where the girls of the BBNaija 2021 house discussed the female body, surgeries and female friendships, Peace took the opportunity to share her thoughts on what people/men should know about saggy boobs.

She went on to say that saggy boobs could be natural and not necessarily what people think of it to be, as she encouraged people to educate others on the natural causes. In her words, “We should educate people/men that sagging boobs can be natural. Even a 16-year-old can have saggy boobs. There are different shapes of breasts…”

This makes more when you recall a conversation between Angel and other housemates where she revealed how people see and treat her because of her body.

In other news, Peace has revealed her fears for new friendships as she narrates a story of her friend who died in a car crash.

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