BBNaija 2021: Head of House, Peace Match Makes Housemates (Pics)

The First Head of House of the BBNaija 2021, Peace, has taken it upon herself to matchmake the housemates based on what has been going with them.

While Angel and Emmanuel were in the room having a conversation, Peace walked into the room and started dropping gist for them; shortly after, Emmanuel called her Gossip Girl.

Bbnaija 2021: Head Of House, Peace Match Makes Housemates (Pics) 1

She started by saying that she saw Saga massaging Nini’s leg, referring to her as a hot girl in the house; she went ahead to say that Yousef also likes Nini.

She brought it to their attention that Saga was always following Nini when they came into the house, and she agreed to be the news carrier that Saga wants Nini.

Bbnaija 2021: Head Of House, Peace Match Makes Housemates (Pics) 2

Shortly after, Sammie walked into the room and joined in on the conversation, and she went on to say that after Saga finishes massaging Nini’s leg, he might as well move to back massage and lips or breast.

Peace also said a long list of guys like Nini in the house from Saga to Cross and added Emmanuel to the list after he commented that Nini is his baby girl, and the male housemates are trying to take her away from him.

Peace says that Boma also likes Nini; Angel added that Boma likes everybody, and Pere likes Jackie B and likes Peace.

Shortly after, Nini walked into the room, and the matchmaking came to a stop.

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