BBNaija 2021: Details of Housemates 3rd Diary Session

After spending about a week in the house, the BBNaija 2021 housemates had their third diary session with Big Brother.

The BBNaija 2021 diary session started with Niyi going into the diary room after mistaking his name for Nini. However, Big brother sent him out and asked that Nini come for her diary session.

Nini says her biggest lesson so far is trusting people but not being too sure who people are.

For Cross, using the wildcard task as an example, he said he learned to pay attention because some things pass through someone, and recovering some of these things might be impossible.

Next in the Diary Room was Saskay, who revealed that she had a panic attack after the Sunday live show because BBNaija host, Ebuka told them they were boring.

Beatrice said the two wildcards nominated her because they feel she doesn’t want to be in the house. Talking to Biggie, she broke down in tears explaining that it is tough living with people she doesn’t know and feels they do not like anything she does.

White money said Boma deserves the Head of the house title, and they share the same vibes and character with Boma. Talking about the nomination, he believes the wildcards nominated him because he figured them out.

BBNaija 2021: Details of Housemates 3rd Diary Session

Niyi sees Boma as determined and straightforward. Talking about nominations, he thinks Pere nominated him because they haven’t gotten along.

Yerins says Boma is a strategic and straightforward person and is doing an excellent job as the Head of the house. He also feels maria nominated him because they have not bonded.

The Head of the house, Boma, had mixed emotions. It was exciting and challenging to use his veto power to save and replace nominated housemates about winning the Head of House challenge.

Maria nominated Beatrice because she was isolated in the previous week; she admires Yerins intelligence, but he tries hard to fit in. She nominated Jay paul because they haven’t connected, and about White money, she wasn’t thinking straight nominating him.

Jackie B felt she was played after not figuring out the wildcards, and she also felt terrible Yerins is up for eviction because of what he had been through in the past week. She would have separated herself from Boma if he had not picked her as Deputy Head of House.

Pere being one of the BBNaija 2021 wildcard nominated Yerins because he feels he is not social; he thinks White Money has many fake things. He also selected Niyi because he is unwilling to do some dares because of his marriage, and Beatrice doesn’t get any vibes from her. He is also of the belief that the majority of the housemates will nominate him.

Tega was sure they would not figure out the wildcards, so she had to prepare herself mentally. Her biggest lesson so far is to focus and pay attention to details.

Sammie said he had learned self-confidence so far just by being in the big brother house.

Peace says Boma is a bit authoritative but understanding. She sees herself as being a weird person, especially when she doesn’t like someone.

Jaypaul says he didn’t anticipate his nomination. He was actually shocked when his name was called. It felt good for him when Boma saved him. Jaypaul also thinks Boma is authoritative, people are listening to him and he will do very well.

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