BBNaija 2021: Angel Offers Beatrice Winning Tip

Most times, competitors are keen on their competition falling out of the game as soon as possible but that is not the case as Angel offers Beatrice winning tip to keep her head in the game.

While the housemates were busy getting ready to get their groove on in the Jacuzzi, Beatrice was busy being moody in the corner. The female housemate, although quiet, seemed to have gotten in a bad mood after their task presentation.

Angel Offers Beatrice Winning Tip

Angel however noticed that Beatrice was not in a great mood and tried to make her shine her eyes will in the game. Preparing the chicken for grills, Angel whispered to Beatrice in the kitchen. she asked her to get in a better mood, put on her bikini and join the others in the party outside.

Angel also added that the viewers are not interested in seeing a moody housemate and as such will vote her out if she continues to act in the way she is.

It seems Beatrice took that piece of advice as she changed into her bikini in no time, thanks to angel

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