BBNaija 2020: Wathoni is Manipulative -Erica Says As She Shares Her Part Of The Story

The Erica and Wathoni squabble in the BBNaija 2020 house is far from over and Erica just confirmed it.

BBNaija 2020 housemate, Erica came into the diary room in a gay mood as usual. She said she was happy and the mood in the house was a reflection of her mood.

She said that she voted Wathoni and Kaisha out of the house because she was not friends with them and would rather have competition that she could relate with than weak links that she had beef with. Hmmm.She also told Biggie that she would love to have Ka3na back to the house.

As usual, Biggie asked if she had anything else to share with him and Erica seizes the opportunity to share her part of the story of what happened between her and Wathoni last weekend.

She started off by saying ‘Wathoni is very manipulative’
Erica says that Wathoni is the one who is always looking for her trouble and twisting the story to make it look like she(Wathoni) was the victim.

Bbnaija 2020: Wathoni Is Manipulative -Erica Says As She Shares Her Part Of The Story 1
BBNaija 2020

She shared that she didn’t appreciate the fact that Wathoni tried to make her out as a bad person who used the fact that she had a child to insult her. Erica said that she’d never make fun of a single mother knowing that she was raised by one and ended up great. All she said to Wathoni was to act like someone who had a child to take care of.

She continued by saying whenever she had an issue with Wathoni, she would try to have a quiet conversation but Wathoni would always find a way to bring Kiddwaya into the issue, making it look like they were fighting over a man whereas all Erica had an issue with was Wathoni’s attitude towards her.

Bbnaija 2020: Wathoni Is Manipulative -Erica Says As She Shares Her Part Of The Story 2
Erica and Wathoni fight

She said Wathoni was a coward and always escalating their issues and drawing the attention of the other housemates so that it would look like their squabble over a man(Kiddwaya) and also draw public sympathy.

She also mentioned what happened in the first week when Nengi and Wathoni were Head of House and Deputy. She said that when they were picking teams both ladies refused to pick her until she was the last female left and Wathoni grudgingly picked her. So can we say that the Erica and Wathoni fight started from the fight week in the BBNaija 2020 house?

Erica concluded by saying that she thinks Wathoni is a coward, always plays the victim and is very manipulative, she’d rather not be friends with her.

Erica said she’d prefer not to talk to Wathoni because that way she doesn’t have to condone small talk with her and have Wathoni disrespect her again because she is sneaky and will find a way to shade her again if they become friends.

Looks like the beef between Erica and Wathoni won’t be over anytime soon.

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