BBNaija 2020 : Erica and Wathoni Fight Over Kiddwaya

Evidently this Erica and Wathoni fight has been brewing in the BBNaija 2020 house for a while.

Just when we thought the house had become peaceful again, Erica and Wathoni fight hit us.

Erica and Wathoni Fight Dirty

The two BBNaija 2020 housemates went against each other in fight over Kiddwaya.
A statement that started of as a joke certainly didn’t sit well with Erica. The housemates were gathered in the garden talking about ladies shooting their shot first and Erica said she’s not one to chase a man first.

The other BBNaija 2020 housemates jokingly taunted her about her situation with Kiddwaya. Wathoni then specifically said, ‘Kiddwaya has never chased any girl in this house’, implying that Erica was the one that chased after Kiddwaya.  She even asked Kidd if he had chased any girl in this house and he said ‘No’.

This got Erica upset and embarrassed, when she asked Wathoni to explain her statement all she said was ‘sips tea’

Determined not to let it go, Erica confronted Wathoni again andvasked why she was always being rude to her. According to Erica, she was not upset with Wathoni because of a man but because she was always being rude and throwing shade at her. Erica said,

“I don’t have an issue with you because of a guy, I have an issue with you because of your attitude,you are always rude to me why?”

Bbnaija 2020 : Erica And Wathoni Fight Over Kiddwaya 1
Erica aand Wathoni fight

Wathoni said,

“I’m not here to have a man, I’m here for the money. I don’t give a fu*ck about Kiddwaya and we should not be having this conversation”, Wathoni replied . “I would not have an issue with you because of a man. Behave yourself and respect yourself. I don’t have time for all of that but here for meaningful friendships”

Further in the argument, Wathoni also added that she was only here toy make money and take care of her son to which Erica asked her to act her age and focus on her son then. Hmmmmm, this is deep.

After everything, Erica saud if Wathoni wanted Kiddwaya she could have him because she was done with him

Later in the HoH lounge she actually told Kiddwaya that he let Wathoni disrespect her like that and even contributed to it. She saud she was done with him and would rather remained friends moving forward.

Bbnaija 2020 : Erica And Wathoni Fight Over Kiddwaya 2
BBNaija 2020

That didn’t last for long though as both were seen kissing shortly after making up.

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