BBNaija 2020: Neo Fumes As Praise Talks About Vee’s Attraction To Him(VIDEO)

We knew about all the ships and triangles in the BBNaija 2020 house but what we missed was the potential triangle between Neo, Vee and Praise

Praise is on a row with his spill-all this afternoon. This sweet afternoon gist is exposing a lot of untold stories or should we say secrets about the BBNaija 2020 housemates.

After they spoke about all the girls that liked Prince in the house they moved to the first impressions that they had of each other in the house.
Praise said on the first night they got in the house, the first person he noticed was Vee. The reason he said this is quite hilarious.

He said that when he first came into the BBNaija 2020 house, Vee was always looking at him and that was why he noticed her first. He said,

“She’ll just come to the room door and be looking at me like this then she’ll say, ‘you are so beautiful’ that was it”

The housemates didn’t know how to react to this information seeing that Neo who is Vee’s current boyfriend was present in the room when he said that. Talk about an awkward moment.

Neo did not flinch at this information but it was obvious that he was not happy about this piece of information just as the other housemates though he would. Wathoni already turned her head expecting a reaction but Neo kept calm.

Maybe he didn’t say anything because shortly before Praise spoke about his initial situation with Vee, the housemates had already spoken about the crush Kaisha had on Neo. They said the moment Kaisha started liking Neo was when he hugged her passionately during the party. Praise said Kaisha had told him about the crush and Neo confirmed that she told him too.

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