BBNaija 2020: Lucy Talks On How She Uses And Dumps Men


Lucy shared a story about how she uses and dumps men to the amazement of her fellow housemates. In a late-night discussion that involved Laycon, Vee, Lucy told them somethings about her personal life and intimacy with men.

She told them how she visited her ex-boyfriend in his house and had sex with him without having any string attach to him before and after it According to her, she just wanted to have another taste of him but had no intention of getting back to him.

Lucy added that the guy also told his current girlfriend about his escapade with her and she also had no problem with it.

In her explanation, there are times she would meet a guy she likes and would just feel like having a sexual relationship with him and not want to talk to him after she was done with him.

Lucy stressed that she once had such an encounter with a guy who wondered why she did not want to have anything with him after being intimate. She said he kept calling her and asking what he did wrong.

After explaining and giving them stories of instances where she sed some guys to satisfy herself, she said at a point she felt bad for treating men that way.

In her words, she wondered what she would say or do if it was a man using and dumping women the way she uses and dumps men. During the chat Lucy said she does not go to visit men in their homes anyhow, so that she does not lead them on or give them a wring signal.

She also asked why women go to the house of men and later complain of being raped. Though she added that that is not an excuse to rape anyone, but she does not advise that ladies go to a man’s house without caution.

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