BBNaija 2020: “I am not answerable to anybody”, Nengi Talks About Family

BBNaija Nengi while talking about her family and experiences while growing during their Friday night wager presentation, she revealed that to the best of her knowledge, she s answerable to anybody at this point in her life. Her reveal was such an emotional moment for her as she recounted what she and her family went through to survive.

Nengi Talks About Family, Comments on Her Father’s Absence

BBNaija Nengi recounted that they were one big happy family in Bayelsa before her father decided to move abroad in search of greener pasture. At that time, he began defaulting in his role as the one providing for the family. The mother had to step in to cater for herself, Nengi and her siblings. At a certain, her mother had to start selling airtime and other staple items by their school gate. The business at some point was no longer profitable and they had to start selling food popularly known as mama put in Nigeria.

“I am not answerable to anybody”, Nengi Says as She Recounts Her Struggles

However, despite everything the mother was going through at the time, Nengi remained proud of her and supported her all along until her death as a result of kidney disease. According to Nengi, after her mother’s death, she became solely responsible for herself and her siblings at the age of 17. Since then, she has been the one taking care of all her needs. As a result, she grew up not being answerable to anyone until date.

BBNaija Nengi classified her mother as a very strong woman who fought for her life and that of her children amidst all trials and that is why she is her hero.

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