BBNaija 2019 Reunion: Tacha, Kim Spill Pepper Over Insecurity

Tacha and Kim on BBNaija 2019 Reunion

Tacha and Kim, gave the third day of the BBNaija 2019 Reunion a remarkable spark that we all have been waiting for and that sure is the official beginning of the fun and royal rumbles on the show.

The gbas, gbos started when Kim got her chance to talk about housemates who bragged while they were in the Big Brother house. Kim did not waste much time to mention that Tacha is typically one of the housemates who bragged on the show.

Kim Oprah
Kim Oprah

Kim went back memory lane to state that Tacha made a statement that showed she is a person who brags. According to her, Tacha while coming into the BBNaija house said the other housemates are following her to the show.

Kim did not just stop are berating what Tacha said, but she was more specific about how she feels about it by saying Tacha was rude to have made such statement about her co-housemates.

You do not need to ask for more gists about what later transpired between Tacha and Kim after that statement was made. The tempo and pitch of the BBNaija 2019 Reunion show went dangerously high and rowdy and at this point you should not be asking why.

Tacha took time to reply Kim saying she feeling that she brags shows she is simply incapable of dealing with her insecurities. She shaded Kim by reminding her that she left the show early and that was something she needed to deal with.


That statement made kim to bring back a not so pleasant memory of how Tacha was disqualified from the show, stating that it was better to leave the show honourably the way she did than how Tacha was sent packing.

A lot of other questions were raised about insecurities and bragging, and you would have needed a whole note pad to pen down different definitions of insecurities and bragging, plus the differences.

Esther on her part was of the opinion that bragging to make someone insecure or bring them down on the show was a way of playing the game, but such person should eqaually be ready for the aftermath of his or her actions.

Venita’s statement thought not straight forward said, “hurt people, hurt people” that is deep isn’t it? The drama went on and on, but the pepper Tacha and Kim spilled on the show will linger on the minds of their fans.

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