BBNaija 2019 Reunion: Mercy Leaks Secrets Of Her Great Looks

Mercy on BBNaija 2019 Reunion

Now the BBNaija 2019 Reunion is getting more interesting with a lot of gists, and long time scores coming up again and causing some storms on the show.

Today is the third day of the BBNaija 2019 Reunion show and Mercy has again made another profound statement about herself which her fans and followers will all find this interesting.

When the show was on questions were asked about those who went into the Big Brother House to show off or bragged at one point or the other. Her name came up several times during the poll, and it was said that she bragged with her clothes and dressing.

When it was time for Lambo to respond, her answers were typical of the Queen of the Mercenaries. She simply said, ” I did not brag about my dressing or my clothes, it is just that I hardly repeat clothes.”

Bbnaija 2019 Reunion: Mercy Leaks Secrets Of Her Great Looks 1
2019 Winner of BBNaija Show, Mercy Eke

Ok now, we are getting close to getting other secrets of Mercy’s great looks. She continued by adding that ” Even if I have to repeat clothes, it has to take months.” Now in case you are writing the secrets of Mercy’s great looks down, that there was number two.

Mercy was not ready to hide anything about the reasons she will never show up anywhere looking anyhow, so she went ahead to say why she does all she has been doing when it comes to her looking dope.

“I just love looking good, I love to dress up. That is just me, I have been like that even before going into the house.”

Now, if Mercy says looking good is what she loves doing, then you will not be surprised about how she always look radiant and taking pictures that her fans can not wait for like, share and retweet daily.

It was however revealed on the BBNaija 2019 Reunion that Mercy went into the BBNaija house with three boxes filled with clothes and to confirm that she said she did not repeat any cloth during her 90 days in the Big Brother House.

According to Mercy she does not brag with her dressing, she is merely doing what she loves and that is looking good. So when next you see Mercy dressing to kill, remember I told you that her great looks come from her love for it.

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