BBNaija 2019 Reunion: Mercy, Tacha Make Frank Statements

BBNaija 2019 Reunion

The much awaited BBNaija 2019 Reunion is on and the fun is becoming much of what you can not afford to miss with Mercy and Tacha adding unusual spices to it.

On the second day of the BBNaija 2019 Reunion, Mercy and Tacha made some frank statements that would in days to come be built on, for more heat and pepper on the show.


Though Mercy did not say so much on the show on the second day, what she said is worthy of note. The Pepper Dem housemates were asked to name those they could say brought highlight to the Big Brother’s house in 2019 and the few names that came up more than twice includes, Mercy, Tacha, and Omashola.

After that Mercy was asked about why she has always called herself the Queen of Highlight. She simply said, ” If Mercy coughs it is Highlight.” Ok now, wait! Please don’t caught for now, at least until the pandemic is over!

Most of the people that religiously followed the 2019 BBNaija show would know that Mercy was indeed a Queen of Highlight, even right from the day she got to the house. You would remember the see through black dress she wore to the live show that day.

She also added that she could not have afforded not to give the highlights she gave on the show knowing that they could either get her into trouble or get her to win the show which she did.

The Mercenaries out there would give a nod to this statement, anything that comes out from Lambo is Highlight.

Bbnaija 2019 Reunion: Mercy, Tacha Make Frank Statements 1
Mercy and Tacha


Tacha’s frank statement might just interest you just as that or Mercy, but depending on whose side you are on.

On BBNaija 2019 Reunion, we were all expecting a lot of revelations, opening the cans for the worms to be out and that might just be starting soon.

Any way Tacha’s frank statement did not really come from the highlight angle it was about who she was said to be imitating.

The BBNaija 2019 Reunion show host, Ebuka-Obi Uchendu asked Tacha if she has heard that many people believed she worked hard to behave like T-Boss and Cee-Cee who were both former housemates on the previous edition of the BBNaija show.

Believe me that was just like busting a tyre while on a high speed. She said in her reply, “I am too original to behave like anybody.”

Do you believe that? Tacha stressed that she has always being who showed herself to be on the BBNaija show even before featuring in it.

In her words, “People only have problems with confident people.” You can dispute anything, but you will not say Tacha is not confident.

The grey area, some people would want to raise an eyebrow is the difference between being confident and being rude.

She however stressed that she loves T-Boss and Cee-Cee, but claiming or insinuating that she imitates them would be a slap on her originality.

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