AY and Victoria Inyama Fight Dirty on Instagram

Tempers are aflare as a comedian, AY and Victoria Inyama fight dirty over hints of hypocrisy on an Instagram post.

Recall that following the end of Etinosa Idemudia’s 2nd marriage last week; Victoria Inyama made a post on Instagram asking people to be watchful of the words that come out of their mouths and be careful not to mock the pain they have not felt. Many saw this as subtle shade targeted at Etinosa over her comment on single mothers long ago.

AY and Victoria Inyama Fight Dirty on Instagram

AY, however, noticed that Victoria was not sticking to her words after she reposted a rumour about him going on a date with a mysterious fellow. Subtly calling out her hypocrisy, the comedian posted her initial post, telling people to watch their words and her recent posts fuelling the cheating rumours about me.

In his caption, he called out the actress with pictures and warned people against hurriedly believing everything they see on blogs because sometimes, these accusations can ruin lives. His caption read in part;

“victoriainyama preaching to the world 4 days ago in her post on the need to watch the words that come out of our mouth, and how not to mock a pain we’ve not experienced”

“2ND AND 3RD SLIDE. TWO DAYS LATER same victoriainyama publicly commenting on a blog without watching her mouth on a pain I pray she doesn’t experience”

Ay And Victoria Inyama Fight Dirty On Instagram 1

In a now-deleted post, Victoria Inyama responded to the dragging, saying that she called it a date which, according to definition, could be a romantic or social appointment. She also mentioned that it would be foolish to ignore the accusations just because of the source. See her full response below;

Ay And Victoria Inyama Fight Dirty On Instagram 2

Fans have been torn between the two entertainers while many of AY’s fans and colleagues have asked him to not indulge Victoria Inyama.


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