Another Cosmetic Gone Bad Surgery Provokes Probe

Cosmetic Surgery

After a popular twitter user, Omotola Taiwo a.k.a Omohtee opened up about the pains and complications she has been going through after a cosmetic surgical procedure by Dr Anu of Med Contour Services; several other past clients have shared similar stories including bizarre scars these cosmetic surgical procedures have left them with.

Just yesterday, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) put out an official statement that they are aware of the complains and dissatisfaction concerning the cosmetic surgical procedures carried out by Med Contour Services.

Surgery In Progress
Surgery in Progress

According to the release, the allegations against Med Contour are that “Med Contour engages in conducts that are considered otherwise unprofessional, misleading and potentially injurious, including resulting in possible fatalities”.

All indications from the commission’s initial reviews indicate that there is a sufficient probable cause to inquire into the services of Med Contour and its operatives.

Furthermore, the commission is keen on gathering additional information from clients with previous experiences with Med Contour whether or not their experiences were satisfactory and also from persons who have any relevant information to the investigation, including about the experiences of others.

The commission requests that credible information about the identity of the Med Contour operatives be sent to

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