Amotekun Clarifies Mode Of Operations In South-West

Amid reports making the rounds on social media platforms, the Western Nigeria Security Network codenamed Amotekun has on Friday opined that the outfit was not set up to address trivial issues outside the law establishing it.

In a statement issued to counter the reports, Amotekun stated that its function and responsibility in the States of South-West region has been properly codified and enshrined in the legal framework setting up the Security Outfit.

It added that the security outfit is expected to work within the limit of the law adding that any violation of the fundamental human rights of citizens wont be tolerated.

The security outfit explained that the creative expression, culture and language of people living in South-West region are beyond its scope of the security functions.

Amotekun Clarifies Mode Of Operations

Amotekun stressed that the outfit was set up as a complementary structure to the Statutory Security Agencies to guarantee freedom of expression, protection of lives and property, and by extension, the prosperity of South-West Nigeria.

Amotekun Clarifies Mode Of Operations In South-West 1
Amotekun Clarifies Mode Of Operations In the South-West region.

The security outfit added that any abuse or violation of any citizen living within the region by any member of the corps will not be tolerated by the relevant authorities in the States.

Earlier, the Commandant of Amotekun in Osun State, Amitolu Shittu has allegedly threatened to confront any individual within its area of jurisdiction, who degrades the Yoruba language.

It was gathered that Shittu also vowed to kick against indecent dressing when the group commences full operations in March 2021.

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