Akin Alabi Draws Line Between Paper Qualification And Value

Nigerian lawmaker, businessman, and author, Akin Alabi has advised Nigerian youths not to focus solely on having excellent grades in schools but work more on how to add value to themselves.

While responding to a tweet about the need for those who had a third class in University not to see themselves as a failure, the author revealed that he did not pass the Joint Admission Matriculation Examination, JAMB.

In the tweet, he advised his followers not to feel sorry for themselves but to be better at whatever they choose to do and move on with life instead of allowing regret or worry in their hearts.

“Stop feeling sorry for yourself and move on. And if it’s business you want to do, learn how to do that as well. Learn from a guru like me and work hard at it. Just do something other than feeling sorry for yourself. The thread wasn’t that short at the end of the day.”

No one should complain about getting a 3rd class. Some of us didn’t even pass JAMB. I was okay with the fact that I sucked at it. We should learn to normalize and teach kids to standardize sucking at certain things, but we have too many weak and fragile people these days.

Akin Alabi

Akin Alabi Draws Line Between Paper Qualification And Value
Nigerian lawmaker, Akin Alabi Draws Line Between Paper Qualification And Value

He emphasized the need for self-improvement instead of self-pity or worry.

“Back to 3rd class matter, You sucked at school and got a 3rd class. So? Take your life and move. Find something to do. Improve yourself. Many businesses can still employ you. Work hard when you get there and prove your worth. They will forget your 3rd class.

The exciting thing is that companies are placing less emphasis on degrees these days, not to talk of classes. You can get a job. Improve other aspects. Learn a new language. Learn to code if you can. Find what you don’t suck at and get going quickly.”

Earlier, a regular Twitter user @OgbeniDipo had advised that people who graduated from University with third-class should not see themselves as a failure or consider suicide, adding that many are doing well without a University degree.

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