Again, Nigerians Want Federal Government To End SARS

Nigerians have again called on President Muhammadu Buhari to scrap the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS.

In a Twitter trend on Wednesday, September 16, many users on the popular social media app noted that men of the Squad poses danger to many Nigerians owing to how they operate.

While commenting on the trend, a Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu uploaded a short video and in the video, she said it is not about trending the topic but ensuring that the government do the needful as regards the call for scrapping the squad.

Yesufu said “#EndSARS is trending. There is outrage but for how long? We move on until another tragedy and then we get outraged and move on again. Those who have died willnot die again. The next to be killed are those of us alive. Think about that Deeply.

Also, Amnesty International, AI Nigeria joined the call for scrapping SARS noting that there is much compelling public evidence of human rights violations committed by the squad.

The agency said it documented some of the evidence which can be used to aid an effective investigation into the unit’s crimes.

According to the agency, the Nigerian government must do more to end the horrendous abuses of power by SARS adding that shocking

incidents still continue despite the fact that it has highlighted atrocities committed by Squad many times.

Amnesty International said the majority of the victims of torture by SARS are poor and unable to hire legal representatives noting that SARS officers are getting rich through their brutality.

 AI stressed that a research conducted by the agency in 2014, 2016 and June 2020 exposed the callous workings of a police squad operating outside of the law and inflicting daily brutality on Nigerians who are legally powerless to defend themselves against criminal accusations, let alone from torture by SARS personnel.

Check out other comments on the call for End SARS

@segalink said “President @MBuhari is aware of the impunity of the @PoliceNG and the Presidency knows that the officers including the IGP are victims in the system being blamed for what they can’t fix. A single order from the President can shut down the cancer but do our LIVES matter? #EndSARS.

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