Amnesty International Raises Concern Over Edo Elections

Country Director, Amnesty International Nigeria, Osai Ojigho has raised concerns that the potential turmoil ahead of the forthcoming Edo elections is a clear sign of imminent violence.

The organization highlighted the need for the Nigerian authorities to take decisive actions to prevent a bloody poll given the turmoil being stirred up by various factions in the state.

AI also urged the government to fulfil its obligation to protect and respect human rights ahead of the poll adding that it has noticed disturbing signs of violence.

The organization further bemoan the use of young people to perpetuate what it described disturbing reports of violence by the political class.

Amnesty International

In a statement signed by its Director, AI said the government must fully respect the freedom of expression before, during and after the Edo elections and subsequent polls in other states of the federation.

Amnesty International Raises Concern Over Edo Elections
Amnesty International Raises Concern Over Edo Elections

He said the authorities must stamp out any potential impunity by ensuring the incidents of instability and impunity in the state are investigated and also punish those behind it.

According to the Amnesty International, authorities must ensure politicians and their supporters do not infringe on human rights.

It added that the authorities must also ensure the safety of journalists, international and national civil society groups and agencies that would monitor the elections.

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