May 26: Top 3 Twitter Trends Explained on EveryEvery

Your famous top 3 Twitter trends and why on Everyeveryng is here for today and you know how we do it. This is another digging into why and how some themes, things and names found their ways to trend as #tags on Twitter.

So let’s give you some foundational or if you like background stories of the #tags you have used or seen as Twitter trends today May 26, 2020.


WhyDSTVIncreaseTariff was very active among the Twitter trends for today. You will remember that MultiChoice announced that from JUNE 1 it was going to increase its tariff on DSTV and GOTV.

So from June 1, the amount for the monthly subscription would be increased and since the announcement was made, subscribers have been complaining, but as the date draws close the voices are becoming louder.

Today, Twitter users decided to make #WhyDSTVIncreaseTariff trend so much, as they expressed their displeasure about the plan.

They asked questions like, “why will MultiChoice increase its tariff at a time when the economy is crumbling and people can not even feed because of the lockdown order enforced because of the Coronavirus pandemic?”

In short, subscribers in Nigeria have come out with one voice to reject the proposed increase in the monthly subscription for DSTV and GOTV.

Until Multi Choice changes its mind, let us continue to make #WhyDSTVIncreaseTariff top the Twitter trends.


Since Rosemary Afuwape also known as Rosie became a co-winner of the first Nigerian love and relationship reality TV show called Ultimate Love, she has become the darling of a lot of twitter users.

Rosie Singing The Deal
Rosie Singing The Deal

But #RosieXHairMatters7 made it to the Twitter trends because the beautify lady got a new deal as an ambassador of a lady artificial hair company.

This is another good news coming from Rosie this month after she celebrated her birthday. Her fans celebrated her on all social media platforms as if they were going to spend the proceeds of the deal together.

Anyway, congratulations to you Rosie more wins from you this year.


Lionel Messi the world-famous footballer who is currently playing for Barcelona is seriously trending today after his club resumed training today.

Sporting activities have been suspended all over the world for a while because of the Coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world, but things might be changing soon.

A lot of Twitter users expressed excitement after seeing pictures of Messi training pictures today. You would agree with me that we can’t wait for sporting actions to resume so that we can change from the new number to the old normal when we use to enjoy our lives.

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