Actress Ese Eriata Calls Out Nigerian Men

Nigerian actress Ese Eriata has called out Nigerian men on how they treat ladies and lie to them.

In her post, Ese noted that many Nigerian men do not treat ladies nicely, which is terrible. However, she stated that it doesn’t apply to her, seeing that she knows how to handle them.

She said, “Nigerian Men!!!

Many of you don’t treat women nicely tbh, It’s so bad!

This doesn’t apply to me sha cox God knows I’m ya fellow man in a woman’s body cox before u say “H” I already know you want to say “hello.”

I’m speaking on behalf of the gullible women who always believes what comes out of your mouth.

Believe me, you don’t always have to deceive a woman with love just becox u want her for 2 weeks or 1 month. You’ll have a daughter too and karma is definitely a b***h.

Actress Ese Eriata Calls Out Nigerian Men

She further called out the men for choosing to toy with the feelings of sensitive women looking for true love while noting that it is unfair to the ladies because they still get emotionally blackmailed.

However, she advised that the men develop the habit of saying what they want from ladies from the first day, and if it doesn’t work, they can move to the next lady instead of living in lies and pretence. 

Ese also advised the sensitive ladies to avoid such guys because it paints a picture that “good girls like bad boys.”

She added that ladies should focus on what would bring peace, respect, love and attention to them rather than trading that for a few minutes of happiness.

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