Actress Ese Mocks Colleagues Following Davido’s Tread

Actress Ese Eriata has taken to her social media page to mock her colleagues who decided to follow the trail of famous singer Davido in sharing his account details online.

Popular singer, Davido in the early hours of Thursday, requested that his loyal fans and friends send him money, and shortly after, he lost his account details on the internet.

In less than four hours, Davido received over 90 million naira, which made others start posting their account details for their friends to send in money.

Actress Ese Mocks Colleagues Following Davido’s Tread

Reacting to this, actress Ese noted that Davido received money from people because he has been good to other people and, for the first time, wanted to know how far others would come through for him.

Ese said, “Davido has helped a lot of people, and for the first time he wants to know how far people can really go for him; more like “make i even see people wey go show me love”.

The moral of the story is that; you should be good to people and never think anyone doesnt deserve better. Learn that part!

Still referring to her colleagues, she urged them to clarify that they need money from their followers.

However, she advised that they impact other people’s lives before they can think of deserving the same from others. 

“Have you ever been someone’s breakthrough?” She asked.

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