Activist Bisi Alimi Laments on Being Gay in Nigeria

Activist Bisi Alimi has cried out about how it is to be a Nigerian and part of the LGBTQI community.

The Gay rights activist, Bisi took to his Instagram page to lecture the online audience on how hard it could be.
He said, ” Do you know how mentally and emotionally draining it is to be a Nigerian and be LGBTQI?”

He went further to lecture the audience on what makes it hard to be Gay in Nigeria. He noted that it is hard to use the public platform to help friends promote their business because of the constant fear of losing their customers or questioning their sexuality as a gay man supports their business.

Bisi alimi also lamented how hard it is to wish his friends well on their birthday via social media because of the fear that it might spoil their day and people would point fingers at them.

He then questioned why the homophobes are scared of owing their hatred or if the haters are shameful. However, he advised that they own their hatred fully and stop the pretence of opinion, except they are not as proud as they claim.

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