Activist Bisi Alimi Shares Opinion on Nigeria, Slams Religious Leaders

Nigerian Activist Bisi Alimi has shared his thoughts on Nigeria as regards the religious leader via his social media page.

Talking about the pastors and Imam, he stated that Nigeria is a country where the pastors don’t trust their congregations and come to church with tight security but preach to the congregation on the lord being their shepherd.

He added that the pastors and Imams are honourable than being a doctor or researcher or an innovator. Nigeria is where the pastors tell their congregation to pray for the country while partnering with the politicians to run the nation dry.

Still talking about Nigeria, he noted that it is also a country where the poor gives money to their rich pastors while expecting God to double it every Sunday.

“The rich pastors smile to the bank in a limo, and the poor trek home hoping for a miracle.

He further said that Nigeria is a country where everyone lies to themselves about how godly and spiritual they are while knowing full well it is a lie.

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