Abuja Corporate Beggars no Longer say ‘Abeg’

Abuja Corporate Beggars with a touch of entitlement is the new age of help seekers parading within the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, begging for alms without adding the magic word ‘Abeg’.

Writing from an encounter I had at the Federal Secretariat a few days ago on my way to board a vehicle home, I decided to stop one of these bicycle riders selling yoghurt and gala.

To my surprise, a well-fed man who stood beside the gala seller suddenly called my attention as I was about to make a purchase.

He was already busy consuming buns and digesting them with a chilled drink he got from the seller when I approached him to hear what he had to say.

Abuja Corporate Beggars No Longer Say 'Abeg'

Corporate Beggars Demand for Alms

Shockingly, this jolly-good-looking fellow around his 40s pointed his fingers to my face and demanded (not requested) five hundred naira (N500).

I was immediately dumbfounded, frozen to my bones, and swiftly gave him a polite reply. I told him I had no money to assist, and all that was in my pocket was my transportation fare.

He, again, waved his hands as a gesture to tell me to leave his sight since I couldn’t be of any help and his body language made it seem like he stood a better chance with other passersby.

Without hesitation, I smiled and walked away in amusement, telling myself that even if I had the money, I wouldn’t have given the cash to him.

The reason for bringing this written piece to your attention is because of how corporate beggars feel it is their right to demand another person’s property without saying please.

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