I wonder if you are a Nigerian if you haven’t visited the nation’s largest urban area. Formerly the capital of Nigeria, Lagos state (the metropolitan area) is the most popular city in Nigeria and arguably the most popular in Africa. Lagos state is in the southwestern geopolitical zone of Nigeria. It is the smallest in Nigeria in terms of area among the 36 states, yet the most economically important state of the nation. It is also a major financial center in Africa. The state is bounded on the north and east by Ogun state. In the west, it shares boundaries with the Republic of Benin; it has the Atlantic Ocean to its south. Lagos is a coastal area, with 22% of its area made up of lagoons and creeks. The state is known for its hustle and bustle. Check out Kizz Daniel’s latest single titled ‘Eko’ (Lagos) to have a view of what to expect when visiting the ‘Center of Excellence’.


Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja, is the destination for tourists and travelers from all over the world. The airport is one of the major airports in Nigeria.


If you want to enjoy your visit, make sure you come with your credit/debit cards because you’ll do a lot of transaction in the state. You’ll definitely have a nice time here if you are visiting with your family. You have to be smart and vigilant when you are in Lagos. You must not be ‘adeeko-d’ere’ as the indigenes say.


Lagos state provides the kind of fun you’ll have in all top places in the world, such as Bahamas, Paris, New York and so on. If you are excited by the sounds of seagulls and waves, then you have to visit a beach in Lagos. Being a coastal area, Lagos is home to a number of beaches, such as Lekki beach, Elegushi beach, bar beach, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, and so on. You’ll have a nice time out picnicking with your friends and family.

Lagos State

You must have wondered why French President, Emmanuel Macron, had to make it a priority to visit the Afrika Shrine in Lagos; you’ll definitely have a good feeling when you visit this location. The newly renovated Afrika Shrine is an entertainment sanctuary, a place to catch real fun for fun-seekers. You’ll be treated to Afrobeat sessions during the week by the legendary Fela Kuti’s son (Femi Kuti and Seun Kuti). The New Afrika Shrine is a place to dance, socialize and listen to good music.

Lagos State

One of the biggest malls in Africa is the Ikeja City Mall (ICM), situated in Ikeja, Lagos. You can go window shopping at the mall which has its fancy products displayed all over the place. There are lots of places to visit in the shopping mall. This includes the 5-screen Silverbird cinemas, Africa’s largest supermarket chain, Shoprite, Mr. Price, Apple restaurants, Wrangler, Rhapsody, beauty shops/saloon, banks and lots more.

If you are the ‘life of the party’ you have to go clubbing in the city. Lagos is known for its awesome nightlife. There are lots of clubs at your disposal; you wouldn’t have a hard time catching fun. Club Quilox, Club 57, and Spice Route are some of the best clubs to visit in Lagos. If you can’t make it to the night clubs, there is the daylight ‘Lagos Owanbe party’ during the weekend. You will surely enjoy the Lagos way of socializing, catching fun while dining and wining.