7 Striking Statements Made By Mercy On BBNaija 2019 Reunion

Mercy On BBNaija 2019 Reunion

A lot of statements have been made so far but here are the 7 striking statements made so far by Mercy on BBNaija 2019 Reunion show.

The BBNaija 2019 Reunion show has been a restaurant where hot pepper has been served in different types and shapes of dishes, and during those times, we have been able to bring you 7 Striking Statements made By Mercy.

7 Striking Statements made By Mercy On BBNaija 2019 Reunion

  1. Even My Cough Is An Highlight

This statement went as viral as you can imagine. Remember that Mercy Eke is the winner of the 2019 edition of the BBNaija show and during the reunion, a question was asked about how the housemates brought some highlights to the show.

I am like, did you see Mercy in the Big Brother house? Did you see how she brought fire at every point in time? So she is just informing those who missed her actions in the house tat every bit of her actions are power pack highlights.

Though that statement might not sound appropriate right now, because anyone who coughs right now is a coronavirus suspected victim.

Anyway, Mercy we got your point and that is the most important. Even after you left the Big Brother’s house, you are still dishing out highlights.

  1. I Love To Dress Up

This statement needs more evidence than explanations and it definitely would not be a daunting task.

This is was part of the highlights that Mercy brought o the show. Her dressing was put on the spot and some people think that was just to show off, but in her defence, she said “I love to dress up” she also went forward to stress that she really repeats clothes. According to her, ” I really repeat clothes and even if I am going to, it has to be months.”

She took time to explain that looking good is what she loves doing and that necessarily has nothing to do with showing off.

Frodd also testified to this by informing everyone that Mercy went on the BBNaija show with three suitcases all filled with clothes and she never wore a cloth twice while on the show. Did I hear you say highlight?

  1. I Am In Love With Biggie

Do you know what it means to be in love with a person you have not met but have felt his hands in your life and career so much that you can’t hide your feelings?

The diary session experiences were the topic of discussion at this point on the BBNaija 2019 Reunion show and it was Mercy’s turn to make comments.

While other housemates said different passionate things about Biggie and some had not so nice experiences, Mercy simply said she is in love with him.

She also added that she loves his voice and wished her boyfriend has that type of voice.

Please leave Mercy, let her enjoy herself. If it was you, will you not love Biggie after winning N60million worth of prizes on a platform he owns?

  1. You Can’t Want My Man And Be My Friend

Now you can say this is controversial, but that is what the BBNaija Reunion show is all about.

Also talking about and resolving long time issues are the major items to look forward on the reunion show.

Ike And Ella On Bbnaija
Ike And Ella On BBNaija

Mercy while making that statement was dragging Ella for trying to be her man and still wanting to be her friend.

Ike and Ella were close in the house at a point but the lover boy was only leading her on, while his heart was with Mercy.

Ella thinks it was dumb for Mercy to think she would want to take Ike from her, but she had no choice than to listen to Mercy who was not ready to keep it cool.

  1. If I Respect You In Real Life, I Will Respect You On Social Media.

This is one of most important of the 7 sticking statements Mercy made on BBNaija Reunion show.

Social media has become a platform where anything can be said to anyone without regards or restrains.

Mercy was addressing the situation where Ike’s fans and Tacha have been saying stuffs about her on social media.

Mercy And Tacha On Bbnaija
Tacha With Mercy On BBNaija 2019 Reunion

She thinks it was disrespectful for her boyfriend’s fans for talk I’ll of her, without her him coming to her defence.

It is not new that the strain in her relationship with Tacha has since been extended to her fans, so getting backlashes from her fans are expected.

But she thinks even if they were both in a stive competition, respect for each other should not be thrown into the bin.

  1. Na Me Be The Winner, Na Una Need My Shine

There were thundering and tornadoes on the BBNaija Reunion show when this statement was made, and not highlighting this statement is a sin.

Mercy and Omashola were in a heated argument about how he referred to her as a prostitute when he saw her bathing with Ike in Biggie’s house and Omashola made a statement that gave birth to Mercy’s response.

Omashola With Mercy On Bbnaija 2019 Reunion
Omashola With Mercy On BBNaija 2019 Reunion

Omashola who was having a shouting match with Mercy told her not to embarrass him to make herself feel good on the show.

He literally said “No take me shine” Oh My!

The statement had not yet circulated to the viewers when Mercy replied saying she does not need to do that as the winner for the 2019 edition of the BBNaija reality TV show.

“Na me be the winner,na una need my shine” meaning, “I am the winner the other you guys at the ones who need my shine.”

No Mercy, you were too blunt there. This particular statement caused a lot of reactions on social media, especially from the fans of the other housemates.

Now on that statement, I have decided to keep my comment until I get yours.

  1. I Am Not A Social Media Person

Please permit me to say, I do not understand this particular statement.

Did Mercy actually think that statement through or she used the wrong words to express what she had in mind?

How would she say she is not a social media person when all her life is on social media?

Her fan base on different social media platforms are amazing and the number of posts she makes daily does not support that assertion.

A lot of people including me do not agree with that statement, but I believe she only used wrong words to express her mind. Anyway, we are expecting more from Mercy on BBNaija 2019 Reunion show.

It is safe to leave it at that.

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