7 Reasons Portable May not Last Five Years in the Industry

One of the most trending names in the Nigerian entertainment music industry is the name Portable outside Wizkid, David and Burna Boy. The artist who came into the fame last year 2021 has risen from nothing to something. The musician whose real is Habeeb Okikiola got fame after he featured Olamide and Pocolee in his single Zazu. Since the feature, the artist has gotten so many deals and endorsements from different brands of which Odogwu Bitters is the most recent one.

The artist was hired by the All Progressive People’s Congress APC to campaign for them in the Osun state election. Portable took it to the next level as he was standing in front of Obafemi Awolowo’s statue with his trousers down facing his butt to the face of the Nigerian legend. This action did not land well with Davido as he unfollowed him on Twitter, Portable came out after he was unfollowed to blast Davido.

7 Reasons Portable May Not Last Five Years In The Industry
7 Reasons Portable May not Last Five Years in the Industry

He claimed that the verification of Davido and most Nigerian artists are bought and he has more followers than almost all of them. He also said in the next five years he will beat all of them and will be verified as well. Many people have come out to lash at the singer saying he lacks respect and he will not last in the industry with such an attitude. He congratulated Davido’s uncle after he won the election, but many said he did it expecting Davido will go back and follow him.

A tweet on tweeter was saying how the whole of the Yoruba nation has disowned him and they have passed him to the Igbo people but the igloos also rejected him and they passed him to almost all the tribes and states in the country they all rejected him before they finally passed him to the people of Uganda who also rejected him and passed him to Somalia. With all these happening it looks like the artist will not last in the industry and with this, we have come up with seven possible reasons he will not last in the industry.

Seven Reasons Portable may not Last in the Music Industry

He is nuisances, many say the only place where he will get his relevance is with touts.

He is pompous, the statement he made about beating the records of people who were brought into the industries, was in an away unwise in the way.

He is a one-hit wonder and he made the hit because of the kind featured with his current attitude many artists will not want to associate with him again.

He is an ingrate, he was once blessed by Davido but came to insult Davido, and Davido is not the first as Pocolee who brought him into fame was also disrespected publicly. He also called out Burna Boy for allegedly copying his style

He promotes violence and thuggery which is one thing the country is fighting hard to kick out.

He sees the female gender as an object of pleasure and outside that they don’t matter. It was seen when harassed a Kenya’s OAP who came for an interview for her Youtube, the Kenya OAP called him out for the nonsense action.

He is still living the bad life he claimed he left. He was a robber who was caught and publicly embarrassed in two different instances. In conclusion, he is not celebrity material.

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