7 Classic Nollywood Films We All Loved

Most of us grew up watching Nollywood films more often than we’d like to admit. We could relate to most of the themes and the acting seemed standard enough to us. For the purpose of nostalgia and remembrance, here’s a list of 7 classic Nollywood films we all loved growing up:


Oracle is a film that was fully packed with stars such as Pete Edochie, Prince James Uche, Saint Obi, Enebeli Elebuwa, Charles Okafor among others. It captures the story of three men whose greed and quest for wealth led them to sell their village Oracle (Ogbakiri). The consequences thereafter are chilling to the bones as we watch all involved partners facing their gruesome end. It had parts 1, 2, & 3. “Horror” does not capture adequately the range of this film.

Blood Money

Blood Money was one of the pioneer films in what would later become a full-blown genre of money ritual films. Starring Zack Orji, Kanayo O. Kanayo, and other Nollywood veterans, it chronicles the life of a man who joins an occult group in a bid to make money. He ends up sacrificing his wife and other loved ones. The reckoning is usually the scariest and most interesting part.


This is the film that can hardly be separated from Onyeka Owenu’s popularly loved song, “You and I”. Capturing the maltreatment of women who are suspected of infertility and their ordeals in the rural communities, Conspiracy was a household film that starred Onyeka Owenu, Nkem Owoh, Charles Okafor, Larry Koldsweat and others. Themes explored include madness, infertility, tradition, and female oppression. 

True Confessions

Do you remember watching Liz Benson, Zack Orji, Clarion Chukwurah, Sola Fosudo, Jennifer Ossai on our screens playing out this story that has to do with childbearing and infertility? The pressure from mothers on their kids to bear them a grandchild is the central theme here. Suicide comes into play too.


This is an epic Nollywood film that captures the adventurous journey of a group of men into an evil forest in order to recover a sword with magical powers to terminate a curse plaguing the village. The cast includes Sam Dede, Pete Edochie, Chidi Mokeme, and Charles Okafor.

Egg of Life

Egg of Life takes after Igodo. It is basically the female version of the epic journey into the evil forest to retrieve a golden egg that will save the village. The journey is often the most important thing and we find most of them losing their lives.

Living in Bondage 

This film was as thrilling as it was devastating. Starring Kenneth Okonkwo and Nnenna Nwabueze, Living in Bondage tells the story of a young couple and the numerous challenges they encounter during the course of their marriage. Infidelity is a central theme in the story and it runs through a tapestry of other sub-themes such as betrayal, seduction, and conspiracy.

What were some of your favorite Nollywood films growing up? You can share with us in the comments.

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