5 Types of Customers You’ll See in Nigerian Banks

We all want customers to throng our businesses not even Nigerian banks want anything short of this. Customers are the life of any enterprise; the ones found in banking halls in Nigeria are of different types.

Banks have been very important in this age although the idea of going into the banking hall is been reduced these days due to technological development in that part. Mobile banking has reduced movement of customers into banks.

Nevertheless, customers still throng Nigerian banks for a number of services related to banking. It will soothe you to know the different types of customers you will see in these banks.

5 Types of Customers You’ll see in Nigerian Banks

5 Types Of Customers You’ll See In Nigerian Banks
Customers in a Nigerian Bank

Here are the types of customers you’ll see in Nigerian banks during working hours.

  1. The First-Timers: There is always a first time to something been done. You’ll notice those coming to the bank for the first time especially the illiterates. The bank vault door is the first challenge they have to conquer in their first visit. They’ve to be put through so many things like where to stand, where to pay in cash and so on. The bank’s security officer is their best friend as they’ll look like eating his/her ear with questions.
  2. The Pen Borrowers: You can’t be in a Nigerian banking hall without seeing someone who have to borrow a pen to write. Although some banks provide pen for customers to write, many will still ask another customer a pen which they likely go home with in most cases. Some guys intentionally borrow pen from ladies in the banks to initiate a talk. Nigerians are just full of vibes anywhere they are.
  3. The Angry Souls: Banking halls are mostly without noise but there is someone who will come in to increase the decibels in there. A customer might decide to bring the building down with noises if he/she is not having a good service. It might be as a result of taking a long time to sort their complaints. These people make sure they drag the bank officials till something is done. Imagine if you need money to sort your child’s medical bill and the bank can’t get you your money, here you will the red eyes of Nigerians.
  4. The Friend of Friends: In most of the Nigerian banks, customers have to queue on a line before they get to the front of the counter where they are been attended to. This is actually not for everyone. Asides the elderly ones and pregnant women that might be exempted, there are friends of the bank officers that use ‘leg’ to get ahead of others. It can also be a familiar face or a regular customer who has built a relationship with bank staffs (might have given them tips in the past). Those on the queue will only shout but their voice will not be heard as they’ll be overtaken.
  5. The First-Class Customers: These are the people with the money bag. They get people to attend to them specially. They are also the customers that get to see bank managers in their offices. They are offered coffee and water because their money in the bank worth it so their service providers do everything not to lose them. These types of customers have fixed deposits and several kinds of accounts with the bank. There are levels to this category of customers.

These are the types of customers you will see in Nigerian banks. You can do well to share other types of customers you have seen in a banking hall with us in the comment section.

Thanks for reading this piece.

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