5 Classic Yoruba Movies You Need to See During This Lockdown

One of the ways by which we all keep going these days is through movies; it is worth while if you see these classic Yoruba movies that made our childhood so sweet.

Netflix has really made a lot during this lockdown as many have subscribed to watching movies due to the stay at home order in many nations of the world.

Perhaps you need to see something different this time, then these classic Yoruba movies would make you have exciting times. You’ll definitely add more to your knowledge of the Yoruba culture as well as catch fun with your family.

5 Classic Yoruba Movies You Need to See

Here is a list of classic Yoruba movies selected for your viewing pleasure during this lockdown. They are really one to watch if you haven’t seen them or you have to see them again.

5 Classic Yoruba Movies You Need To See During This Lockdown 1
Ebun Oloyede is the lead character of Iru Eshin
5 Classic Yoruba Movies You Need To See During This Lockdown 2
Ajani in Oleku is the first Yoruba demon
5 Classic Yoruba Movies You Need To See During This Lockdown 3
One of the best political movies
  1. Iru Esin (Horse Tail): This is a classic movie written by Waheed Ijaduade and directed by Ebun Oloyede popularly known as Olaiya. Iru Esin is a tragicomedy movie. You’ll surely get emotional seeing this one and have to keep your tear glands in action. The movie starred actors such as Baba Suwe, Toyin Afolayan, Ebun Oloyede, Azeez Ijaduade, Yemi My Lover, Chief Kanran and so on.
  2. Oleku: You’ll definitely be served with the actions of the first Yoruba demon in this one by Mainframe productions. It is a story of a sweet-talking young man named Ajani who had nice times with ladies in the campus. Yemi Sodimu is the lead actor in this movie directed by veteran director, Tunde Kelani.
  3. Saworoide: This is one of the best political thrillers in Nollywood. If you have to know more about the Yoruba culture, then this movie is one for you. ‘Saworoide’ portrays the corrupt political system of our nation written by Professor Akinwumi Ishola. This is another blockbuster movie in this list directed by Tunde Kelani. It starred actors like Kola Oyewo, Bukky Wright, Kunle Afolayan, Lere Paimo, Yemi Sodimu, Adebayo Faleti, and so on. Saworoide is the sequel to another of its kind titled ‘Agogo Ewo’.
  4. Yemi My Lover: This is the Nigerian version of Bollywood love movies. The characters Yemi and Moji could be described as Bonny and Clyde and they serve us with love songs in the movie. This particular movie made our childhood fun as the stunts showed by the main character, Yemi was enough to be our Mortal Kombat hero. The movie starred Tajudeen Oyewole popularly known as Abija.
  5. Koto Aye: This epic Yoruba classic movie completes this list. ‘Koto Aye’ was written and produced by Yekini Ajileye. The success of ‘Koto Orun’ led to the sequel ‘Koto Aye’.  The epic movie is a battle of witches and wizards, one which made actor, Tajudeen Oyewole aka Abija a monster character. There was also comic role played by Koledowo in the movie that was part of the early releases into the very young home video setting of that time.

Do share with us your favourite of these classic movies in the comment section. Thanks for reading this piece.

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