5 Best Businesses for Weekends in Nigeria

Let’s say you come across an investor willing to lend you money to develop ideas regarding the 5 best businesses you can operate during weekends in Nigeria. What will instantly pop up in your mind?

While there are numerous trades out there to explore, it’s wise to carefully study the market or ask for professional advice before deciding on the business to choose.

But before you start shaking in your boots, the article is here to guide your decisions and help you pick out some of the most lucrative weekends trades that will profit you and serve as an extra revenue generator.

The idea behind keeping a busy weekend schedule may not come in handy at the start but eventually will transform into an eye-opening venture that you may want to give a whole lot of commitment to record growth in the long run.

Although the best opportunity to seize in this business experience is to develop an approach that would not be all-time consuming, it is advisable to come up with the idea that will give you flexibility and still reserve time and energy for your week-days job.

Here are 5 Best Businesses for Weekends

With no further ado, let’s hurridly delve into the 5 possible jobs that best fit the weekends as time still means money to be made.

The five best businesses to be mentioned here might not be the cream of the crops but would go a long way to leave a lasting impression on entrepreneurs hoping to venture into having a busy weekend.

5 Best Businesses
Kitchen Utensils for Rent
  1. Materials/Services for Hire: You are aware of various weekend activities comprising weddings, child dedications, funerals, relaxation attractions, musical shows, theatres and a couple of other related events. Most programme/event organizers strictly rely on rental services to put on a successful show. Such services or supplies could range from having musical instruments, speakers, disc jockey turn-tables, lightings, and electronics in general, to materials like canopies, chairs and tables, backdrop clothing, pots and pans, including other kitchen utensils. Pertinent about this business is the need to maintain the equipment and place advertisements for the proper recognition.
  2. Sell Used Clothing (Okrika): This is an excellent way to profit during the weekend. The selling of used items of clothing popular referred to as Okrika in this part of Africa is a major way of earning an income, seeing that people are finding it difficult to feed, much less purchase expensive fabrics for their daily outings. The option here would be to patronize those dealing in the trade of used clothing. It can also go beyond simple sales. One may decide to venture into importation of these fairly utilized clothes and become a crucial supplier and distributor to marketers selling at a smaller scale. Your target market could range among the low-income earners, mid-tier and even, on some occasions, the well-to-do in society.
  3. Catering and Event Planning: This can be tasking but more suitable during the weekends. Though you will likely need the workforce of a few employees to pull this through yet, and the moment you succeed in gaining the support of many customers, this business will guarantee a revenue that is so reliable you may even want to quit your day’s job. On some occasions, I mentioned earlier that attendees to a live event would need to eat or taste something before leaving. It fits you improve your catering skills to satisfy and meet all the orders of your customers. Meanwhile, your staff can handle the event planning aspects as, within the weekend, there are several events to be prepared.
  4. Tutorials: Some parents insist that their children must continue with an extra-curricula class right after they’ve returned from school. While not every person may be in this line of business, individuals who are not teachers by profession can also rip the benefits of this humble service provision. The beauty about these tutorings is that one could actually engage more than one pupil on different occasions in the same weekend.
  5. Ice Delivery: It will cost almost nothing to commence this kind of business. What you require is the means to transport your iceblocks to various points of delivery. Another reason this trade may never go out of existence is considering the epileptic power supply in the country. Many businesses dealing in soft drinks sales require the services of an iceblock delivery person, including marketers who sell frozen foods and beef, preservation of this item will also need regular supplies to prevent it from spoiling.

Please feel free to mention the business you do during the weekend that is profitable and would help someone or somebody out there increase their monthly earnings.

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