3 Young Men Arraigned for Taking Turns in Raping Pastor’s Wife

Kehinde Olajide 32, Ayoola Richard, 23 and Felix Babalola 27 who took turns in raping their church pastor’s wife were arrested in Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo state on Monday 2nd March 2020.

Reports has it that the gang, who are members of the church (name withheld) took turns in raping their pastor’s wife in the pastor’s home and on his matrimonial bed.

One of the suspect, Richard said that while going to the pastor’s house to help with house chores on weekends and weekdays, they would usually peep and lust after the pastor’s wife, Mrs. Feyisara and wish they could have their way with her.

Richard explained to the Police that on Monday when Pastor Olajire Bayo called him and asked him to get some dirty clothes from his house to the dry cleaner. “I called on two of my friends who usually go there with me to go together, meanwhile we’ve made our plans to sleep with her (pastor’s wife) whenever we we find her at home alone.

“On getting there, she had just taken her bath and still on towel, we couldn’t resist it anymore, we followed her to the room and closed her mouth, shut the doors and threatened to beat her if she said a word while we took turns in sleeping with her.”

Richard said they never believed she would be able to open up to anybody or her husband because of the threat, but he knew their threat didn’t work when he saw policemen in his house.

Richard and his friends have been arraigned and kept in cell at the Oyo state Police headquarters while Mrs Fayesara has been taken to the Akinyele community general hospital for medical check up and possible treatment.

The police public relations officer, Mr. Bello Olayemi said that the boys would be charged to court for rape and assault.

This should serve as a lesson and warning to the public, do not trust anyone, not even your church or mosque members. You never can tell what’s on their mind.

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