2face Idibia’s Daughter, Ehi Denies Father’s Looks

In a recent social media upload, 2face Idibia’s daughter, Ehi persistently denies having her father’s looks as many claim.

2face Idibia’s Daughter Denies Being His Lookalike

The young lady, Ehi, who just turned 15, was seen in a video refusing to accept that she looked like her dad. According to the girl, she in no way resembled her dad, who she described as a bald man. The person making the video tried to convince her that she looked just like her dad, and the girl could not just come to terms with that.

She said,

“Everyone always says that. I don’t see that. because i’m not bald, I don’t see it”

2Face Idibia'S Daughter, Ehi Denies Father'S Looks

The videographer then changed tactic by saying that she could pass as a female version of her father, 2baba, which she admitted to, although saying that being told she looks like her dad is a weird compliment.

Ehi is 2face’s first daughter and one of Pero Adeniyi’s three children for the artiste.

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