153: Tacha in Activist Mode; Erica Visits Columbia Consulate; June 12 Protest

Tacha goes on activist mode over issues that have plagued Nigeria for a while, the same issues that have pushed Nigerians to organize a nationwide June 12 protest, calling for an upheaval of the entire governance of the country.

Stargirl Erica is also taking her entertainment strides as she meets with the consul of Columbia to Nigeria to have discussions on future collaborations. All these and more updates on this episode of Unplug.

BBNaija pepper dem housemate, Tacha, goes on the activist mode in light of the recent killings and surge in insecurity in the country. According to her in the video, the main problem is that Nigerians do not look out for themselves because they assume that anything that does not affect them directly is not their concern, and that is wrong.

Erica Visits Columbia Consulate

Lockdown housemate, Erica visits the consul of Columbia to Nigeria where she discussed potential entertainment collaborations that would push the industries of both countries forward.

Nina Ivy who turned 25 yesterday shared the gifts she got from friends and family. Among those was a cash castle made of some 1 dollar bills that were customized with her picture and name .

Veteran actress, Eucharia Anunobi bags a doctorate degree which gives her the title of the highest educational qualification there is. Her colleague Maureen Solomon shared the goodnews alongside her defense videos on instagram.

June 12 Protest

Nigerians organize a nationwide June 12 protest that calls for good governance calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to resign seeing how much the country is suffering with insecurity and the dwindling economy.

The deadline issued by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for bankers to declare their assets expires today.

Unknown Gunmen kill NECO Registrar, Godswill Obioma in Minna on Monday night. According to his wife, he was trailed from Abuja to their house in Minna where he was killed and no valuables taken. This is coming just days after an APC Chieftan, Ahmed Gulak was killed in Imo state.

China makes another huge policy shift as the government now allows for married couples to have three kids as a way to gradually boost the Chinese workforce which has suffered greatly since the 1979 one-child policy.

There are hints that Manchester United may be after the Real Madrid Captain, Sergio Ramos for a two-year contract.

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