10 Popular Business Quotes For Customers in Nigeria

A single picture can mean a thousand words, but the right business quotes for the required context is highly likely to transform the perception of a customer steadily relying on imported products to survive.

Call it motivational, inspirational, or encouraging; in the business sector, these sets of words in the past and in recent times have entirely built multi-million naira businesses from scratch in Nigeria and transferred reliance on locally sourced goods and services.

Fortunately, there are several popular business quotes from reputable names around the country. Some of these quotes, in reality, have changed the viewpoints of Nigerian customers, especially in reducing dependency on imported products and creating more room for entrepreneurs to thrive.

Here’s 10 Business Quotes For Customers in Nigeria

In a bid to reveal some of these inspiring business quotes, everyeveryng took out time to assemble the most relevant pieces it has deemed valuable to its subscribers.

  1. First is the renowned Nigerian pharmacist Stella Okoli, whose quote directly speaks to this written piece. She stated that patronage of locally produced goods would make Nigeria’s industries thrive, adding that Patriotism in any part of the world is the backbone of a flourishing industry.
  2. Secondly, according to famous Nigerian Economist Tony Elumelu, one of his favourite quotes says that it takes ”only entrepreneurs’ effort to create opportunity where none seemingly exists.”
  3. Number three of our famous business quotes is from Nigeria’s Business Magnate, Aliko Dangote, cited saying that to ”Succeed in business, you must build a brand and never destroy it.”
  4. Fourth on the list is Nigeria’s Top Yech Entrepreneur, Ayodele Agboola, who believes business owners should ensure being ”the first to reach out to clients in cases where there’s a delay, as clients return the good service with patronage, trust and confidence.”
  5. Next is Businessman Jim Ovia. In a brilliant quote he made, Ovia noted that ”one’s passions are always in sync with opportunities, adding that if one can naturally identify these traits, and res@ond in turn, just as it starts to materialize.
  6. Odion Ejere, whose experience in Human Resource Management, once advised youths with Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, SMEs, always remember that ”You can’t have a business if products or customers.”
  7. On his part, Innocent Chukwuma, a car manufacturer and dealer, once hinted that ”a good product will naturally sell itself,” adding that when a product is good, it will virtually sell anywhere around the world.
  8. According to Hakeem Belo-Osagie, a Nigerian Businessman, a significant quote from him pointed out that ”one of the key factors for business success is you must have that material attitude to walk boldly through the fog of uncertainty.”
  9. Also, in Nigeria, Jason Njoku, a businessman, posited that the millions lost in investment would serve as a roadmap for future successes and references.
  10. Last but not least, Ndidi Nwuneli was quoted saying, “build a support network with a few other trusted entrepreneurs to share war and success stories with; otherwise, it becomes a very lonely journey.”

The inexhaustive lists of the famous business quotes above are put together to encourage entrepreneurs, customers and the likes to aspire to be like the successful business owners in Nigeria, promoting and encouraging patronage of locally manufactured goods and products nationwide.

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