10 Feasible Online Businesses That Pay Daily

Today, there are so many businesses springing up on the world wide web, but how many of them are online businesses that pay daily in the practical sense?

Finding the answer to the question above is what this written piece hopes to provide. But, before delving into our findings of the viable online businesses that pay daily, it would be sensible to understand what online business means.

According to Wikipedia, an online business that can be interchangeably referred to as e-business is a commercial activity whose focus area is exchanging information via the world wide web—data across the internet. Online business refers to trade with the help of the internet.

To further comprehend what it means, online business is not only seen as a transaction carried out on the internet with the primary selling and buying of a product or service; it also enables one to conduct business through other related processes.

Some of the suggested processes included inbound/outbound logistics, manufacturing & operations, marketing and sales, customer service, all conducted within the value chain of internal or external networks.

Now that there’s an understanding of what an online business means, let’s sharply return to the bone of contention, that is, online businesses that pay daily.

10 Online Businesses That Pay Daily researched to ascertain the most relevant and current online businesses that pay daily. In no particular order, findings show that numerous opportunities exist online, which would help lighten the heavy singular dependency on the Nigerian Government and promote entrepreneurship. These businesses are listed below:

  1. Podcasting: This has been described as the new gold mine of our generation. We gathered that Podcasters in various parts of the world are already harvesting the wealth in the business. Related to this business are Youtubing and Blogging, as they all are similar but different mediums in disseminating information to their target audience. It would be worthy to note Podcasting comes in audio format.
  2. Surveys: Surprisingly, this aspect of online business is also perceived as lucrative. In recent times, a paid survey is one of the very few competitive ways of getting cash for service provided. It is an online platform where researches are conducted for various establishments utilising the services of interested and committed parties or individuals ready to go the length to satisfy their clients. You just have to simply log in to a website requesting your details, indicate your area of interest and patiently complete the questions.
  3. E-Book Publishing: Another form is to publish your books online. In Nigeria, for instance, most authors that have published a book or two (hard copy) would tell you that it’s a challenging experience. Today, there are many platforms to get mentoring on publishing your book online and getting paid per purchase made. The challenge here is that entry into online publishing platforms is low and competitive, suggesting that an aspiring author must create content appealing to the prospective reader.
  4. Instagram Influencer: This takes commitment, paying attention to one’s followers on social media, replying to their comments and gathering as many followers as one can acquire. There is the need to grow one’s account beyond other users in this business until you become an Influencer using the IG platform. How money is made here, brands regularly scout the social media to find influencers with large followers and pay vast sums of money, so their products are discussed on your platform.
  5. Website Sales: This class of online business favours those professionally into website designing or programming. The aim here is to create a site to the level that it looks standard and operable, that it also looks attractive to potential buyers who are your target market.
  6. App Design: Developing mobile app stores is a significant area of online business that pays daily. This business is highly skill-based and requires a genius mind to develop something that catches the interest of phone users. In this case, any download or purchase of your app on Google or App Stores, for instance, gives you money daily. Most programmers are the beneficiaries of this line of business.
  7. Dropshipping: With this process, you don’t need to spend a dime before making money online. It focuses on partnership with a product manufacturer to list their products online via various popular platforms. In this case, once a purchase is made through your social media page or website, the goods are shipped to the buyer directly from the manufacturers. The goal here is that whatever price you charge, the buyer would determine the profit you make after remitting that which belongs to the manufacturer or drop shipping supplier.
  8. Online Video Editing: It may sound surprising that this business segment made the list of online businesses that pay daily. It is established that video content is a powerful marketing communication strategy that engages the attention of potential clients. For this reason, several brands are searching for online video editors on contractual engagements to help beautify their contents.
  9. Marketing Via Email: The various emails flooding one’s inbox daily might be the newsletters, among other related messages subscribed to. You may not know that creating a niche newsletter is a profitable way to get across to a targeted group of product or service seekers and maintain a stable and reliable business relationship further. Prospective consultants are advised to use platforms like Convertkit, Aweber, Drip and MailChimp to make this a realityThese platforms, according to experts, would easily support the effective mailing of marketable contents to the target businesses.
  10. Online Tutelage: This aspect of internet business got increased patronage and attention with the emergence of coronavirus. Schools were closed, lectures, seminars, events all transferred to the internet, even the federal Government moved meetings online. The advantage here is being a professional and having skill in any subject area that would attract learners to your site or blogging channel.

Kindly drop your suggestions regarding online businesses that pay daily, as this may help someone searching for a lucrative job since many people lost their means of livelihood during the heat of the coronavirus.

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