Zubby Michael Reacts to Mercy Johnson’s Viral Video

Actor Zubby Micheal has weighed in on the trending topic, especially among couples over Mercy Johnson’s viral video.

A viral video of Mercy Johnson and her husband, Prince Okojie, made rounds on social media after her husband made an appearance on her movie set.

Mercy Johnson’s Viral Video Sparks Reaction

In the video, Mercy’s husband came to visit his wife while she was on set with her colleague Toyin Aimakhu. Immediately he was sighted; Toyin quickly ran to embrace and greet him by kneeling.

Toyin was not the only one who was excited to see Prince Okojie as his wife ran from where she was and jumped on him before joining Toyin to kneel for him.

Reacting to this video, Zubby Michael wrote to his future wife, asking her to emulate Mercy Johnson as that is how he would like to be welcomed whenever she sees him.

He wrote, “My future wife I hope you are seeing this greeting … this is what I want biko.”

Zubby Michael Reacts To Mercy Johnson'S Viral Video 1

The video has sparked reactions from internet users, as some believe she had no business kneeling to greet her husband.

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