Yvonne Jegede: How I Escaped Traffic Robbers

Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede has lamented the high rate of traffic robbery in Lagos after escaping one on Thursday night. 

The 38-year-old mother of one took to her Twitter page on Friday to share her ordeal with a robber in Lagos.

Yvonne Jegede revealed that at around 9 pm on Thursday, she almost got robbed on the Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos.

The ebony actress revealed that she got lucky as the robber took to his heels when she moved her car as soon as the traffic moved a bit. 

Yvonne Jegede tweeted“Last night at about 9 pm, one guy almost robbed me on 3rdMB. I was lucky the traffic moved a bit so I moved my car and then he took off.”

She further advised drivers, especially ladies, to drive in the middle lane when driving alone. 

“If you are driving alone in traffic, don’t drive on the fast lane (the last lane by your left), let your car be in between cars.

Ladies especially, if you can, please stay wherever you are till you see the day light. THERE IS HUNGER IN TOWN,” she shared on her Instagram.

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