I bring to you one of the ways of living life happily. It is through laughter, which is an amazing ability God gave us all. It helps us to cope with sadness and life. It is something you have to do so as to free yourself from worries and say no to depression. You just have to laugh no matter the situation you find yourself. A cheerful heart is said to be a good medicine. This cheerfulness is given in dosages of laughs and smiles. Truly, life is not funny, but you just have to laugh to enjoy more of life.


I like this particular song by Nigerian folk musician Lagbaja titled ‘’Feyin e’’ (shine your teeth). He sings ‘show me your thirty-two (teeth), feyin e (shine your teeth), no matter the condition’. Although there is time for everything, yet life is not to be lived putting on an Army Five star-General’s facial expression. It is written ‘’all days of the oppressed are wretched but the cheerful heart has a continual feast’’. It is therefore time to remove that sackcloth and increase your life span with a good measure of laughter. The smiley emoji should be top on your chat collection. I therefore bring to you some lines to spice up your day. You just have to laugh out loud (lol). It goes thus:

  • Tribal marks are not just sexy and fashionable. They also give directions like Google maps.
  • There is nothing as sexy as the moaning of an ATM machine. You cum per second.
  • Night clubs are more secured in those days. Men had a way of hiding their partners in their baggy trousers whenever a fight broke out.
  • If life has been fair to you, it will show in your skin color.
  • A pot-belly is fine, until you are asked if you are a feminist.
  • Study reveals that the numbers of rows of corn you eat during pregnancy determine the size of your child’s teeth.
  • Nothing is as economical as marrying a fair lady. No bulb, no lamp, no light; she is just the light of the house.
  • In this part of the world, ‘Post No Bill’ is translated as ‘post, you won’t pay any bill’
  • No need for an atlas, check Nigerian potholes for your geographical maps.
  • You are not on a Nigerian transit if your driver hasn’t visited the gas station immediately you leave the garage.
  • It is better the Nigerian government shut down Twitter or else Nigerians with their savage reply would kill the Twitter bird soon and thereby close the app.

You might have chuckled, grinned, or laughed to one of these lines. Kindly drop your favorite in the comment section. Do have a stress-free day.

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