Yomi Fabiyi Writes Open Letter to Iyabo Ojo

Weeks after their public dispute, Nollywood filmmaker, Yomi Fabiyi writes open letter to his colleague Iyabo Ojo to tender an apology and give her words of advice.

The two fell out following the exposure of their colleague, Baba Ijesha as an alleged child molester. Triggered by the wicked act, Iyabo pitched her tent with the victim and her foster mother, Princess. She swore to fight for justice even if it takes her last drop of blood and that seemed to annoy the likes of Yomi Fabiyi who took sides with the accused.

Due to their differences in opinion, Iyabo Ojo alongside other concerned fans dragged Yomi Fabiyi for being a rape apologist yet the man did not relent in his defence of the accused even when video evidence and his confessions were brought to light.

Yomi Fabiyi Writes Open Letter to Iyabo Ojo

Just days ago, the alleged molester, Baba Ijesha was released on bail pending the final judgement after pleading not guilty to all charges and Yomi Fabiyi took to his Instagram to tender an apology to Iyabo in an open letter for the nuisance he caused at the time. It went;

Yomi Fabiyi Writes Open Letter To Iyabo Ojo 1

Iyabo on her end did not address the open letter however, she spoke on the press release TAMPAN made pertaining to the case in an Instagram live video

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